Chhim Krouch

Grade 12 “A”

Chhim Krouch

Youth is an age full of energy and courage, especially they are the core force for participating in all activities in society as well as national development. Youth makes up about 50% of the total population of the young people in Cambodia. Chhim Krouch is an AIS student studying in Grade 12A in the academic year 2018-2019. He was born in a wealthy family in Phnom Penh.

His guardians have spent a lot of resources to support his child’s education. For this year, he has to take the high school diploma exam. All the students are so busy with their study because they have to work hard to prepare for the exam. Unlike other students, what made Chhim different was that he spent a lot of time outside of school helping out in various schools and social activities. School work includes running a study club every Saturday and Sunday, coordinating school programs (youth volunteering), and many other charitable activities. Extracurricular activities include planting trees, painting school, etc. As a results, he still achieves good results. More remoarkbly, they have engaged in such activities since 10th grade. Here are the methods as well as sharing experiences that keep them strong.

As for Krouch, he said, “Every day, everyone has about 16 to 17 hours of free time to sleep”. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the time clearly and wisely (study time, rest time, social work). For study, he mentioned that we have to control your emotions by listening to the teacher in the classroom, as well as taking notes and answering questions during each session. The method at home is to identify which subjects are clear and which are not clear to easily strengthen those weaknesses. On the other hand, every morning he regularly reviews lessons at home. In addition, one of his strengths is that he always takes note for lessons or exercises that he can do or understand to explain them to his friends and strengthen his own ability. He has a clear plan for managing study time and social work. For social work, he said that, he usually takes time off on weekends. He sometimes said that the work could extend a level of knowledge that he had never encountered in a lesson. The jobs in which he has participated include youth volunteering, school painting, and organizing school events and opening and closing of school year.

Even though this young man is busy and has virtually no free time, his education does not decline, he still holds the A grade every month. It is not a coincidence that taking this course at AIS is a matter of physical and mental effort. He revealed the following tips of his studies that allow him to thrive despite the busy social work as follows:

  • Have a good study schedule at home in line with the school schedule so that you have to review the lessons learned at home as well.
  • Try to find time to research your lessons at home, rather than going outside for extra classes.
  • Do as many real science exercises as possible.
  • Get enough rest and eat a regular, hygienic and nutritious meal.
  • Try to get up in the morning to review the lesson, because the morning is a time when the brain is clear and easy to memorize.
  • Come to class regularly, on time and in class to pay full attention in class through using So: Listening, Chi: Thinking, Bo: Asking, Li: Note-taking effectively.

Being born as a human is a great blessing because we can do what we want to do for ourselves, our families as well as our society. Like the young man above, he is only in the 12th grade, but he is growing towards model youth both academically and socially. Like what he mentioned above. What about you? Are you ready?