Sokmean Heng

Grade 10 “A”

Sokmean Heng

Outstanding students are the future outstanding youth who are the strong pillars of the motherland. Sokmean Heng is a grade 10 “A” student at American Intercon School, Chroy Changvar Branch. As a young woman, besides social charity work Sokmean Heng is a student who has a high level of dedication to study, so for the annual results, she got excellent grade and became an outstanding student of the branch. Being outstanding she states that an outstanding student needs to have a clear study plan dividing “study activities, leisure activities and necessary activities.”

  1. Learning activities

Study is the absorption of knowledge resources to develop ourselves. Study takes place both in and outside the classroom. In the classroom, leaners need to pay attention to listen to teachers explaining lessons by following the slogan “So, Chi, Po, Li.” In particular, discipline and attendance are also the extra factors. Besides, studying outside the classroom refers to self-study activities. Self-study happens by exploring all relevant sources in the library, social media as well as the establishment of study clubs.

Furthermore, an outstanding student is always highly creative reflecting theories in daily life to highlight new discoveries. At this point, she claims that I am currently implementing activities to integrate biochemical theories in reality by growing natural hydroponic vegetables, and I have finally been successful. Therefore, studying in classroom alone is not enough to make us an outstanding student.

  1. Leisure activities

Needing relaxation and taking care, human body is not different from a machine. Relaxation is the opportunity to taking cares, supplementing smart brain capacity, having stability and having good remembrance. So between school hours, I always relax for fresh air, seeing pictures of strange landscapes or watching short entertainment videos. In addition to relaxation, health care is absolutely important because health is an invaluable diamond. Thus, we need to take care of the physical health by getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, exercising and maintaining good hygiene regularly under an image of “clean eating, clean drinking and clean living.”

  1. Necessary Activities

The main activity that Sokmean Heng thinks it is important and necessary for her is to act as a “good child, a good student and a good citizen in the society.” Being the eldest child of the family with three siblings and moderate standard of living, she is always a good example of her siblings waking up early in the morning to review lessons, help prepare breakfast, check siblings’ study supplies, and take care of the vegetable garden before going to school. When she comes back from school, she always helps her mother cook and set the meal table. After eating, she reviews the tasks assigned by teachers and help explain her siblings’ exercises. After that, she starts taking care of the hydroponic vegetables in the vegetable garden she grew.

In addition to providing food to her family, the vegetables are also a big part of income source to support her education, and she can save some money from the income for the charity activities as well. Being a good student, she is active in learning, is brave, has good morals, shares things and is an advisor for all students. In particular, for all the tasks assigned by the teachers she was never late or missed to submit to teachers.

More than being a good child and student, Sokmean Heng is a role model young youth who always participates in social charity activities. Obviously, when the country confronted the flood crisis, she led friends to bring their own resources including: noodles,​canned fish, fish sauce, soy sauce, pure water, hand washing alcohol, and some other materials to donate with the Mengly J. Qouch Foundation to distribute to more than 300 victims’ families in Sangkat Veal Sbov, Phnom Penh. These wonderful activities are a testament to the fact that Sokmean Heng is not only an outstanding resource of American Intercon School, but also the future quality resource of the whole Cambodian nation.